How to choose a correct material

Usually, Vinyl sticker is best choice, because its cheapest and high quality printing. But according to your budget, we suggest you choose Vinyl Sticker (Black Adhesive), because its more thicker material, and work for any color stuff. More details please see FAQ.

UV Inkjet Self Adhesive PET / PET Sticker

UV Inkjet is better quality than regular inkjet, more true expression. And amazing, UV inkjet PET is no need lamination, this is meaning the material will not get any bubble or any other bad effect even if the application place is austere. The PET is silver both sides, like matel. We can make your graphic on front side like shape cut out or full graphic, please see pictures follow.

Price: 6 USD / sqft, Glossy Finish plus 1.5 USD / sqft



  • Question: Vinyl Sticker or Vinyl Sticker (Black Adhesive) ?

    At first, the place of where you want stick to must smooth!! And if there is white stuff, the vinyl sticker is best choice, because low cost and good quality. But we still suggest you choose the Black adhesive one, because its more thicker and front side color will not influenced by stuff.

  • Question: Why the UV Inkjet PET Sticker is *BEST* quality for choose?

    The Pet sticker is very thick, and UV Inkjet is a premuim produce mode. More better color and no need lamination. As we know, lamination is not good life for austere place.

  • Question: Worldwide ship? Turnaround?

    Yes, we ship to worldwide. Printing need 1-3 working days, usually same day. Shipping need 3-7 working days. Remote areas takes more days.

  • Question: How can i stick the materials

    Well, this is according to your skills, if as me, i will clear the stuff first, jet some water to stuff, then stick...and then wipe out the water by wiper card. and then when the water dry, all finish....Please note, the water must fully wipe out!!

  • Question: Glossy or Matte Backlit PVC

    Usuall we suggest use glossy lamiantion for Backlit, because more colorful.

Common Materials

Self adhesive vinyl, Backlit PVC, Lamination, and high density board is common material for build arcade controls

Choose a correct material can make your arcade controls more favorable. Please talk to us for how to choose materials.

Put ideas on your window now!

Perforated Window Graphics give you view of outside while allow graphics to be placed over the windows.

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