Our History

Soul Draw is a high quality and low cost printing and design service. Its predecessor, Soul Draw Studio., specialized in customer satisfaction, and we will continue to constantly improve the quality of service, while at the same time, provide you with the most cost-effective solutions.

March 2012 Soul Draw, now a world wide provider, has branches in Japan, the United States, Australia and Canada.

March 2012 Soul Draw redeveloped the growing process and improved productivity.

August 2011 Due to the high demands and increase of orders, AsahiMax sought out and received an investor from IBG Japan. AsahiMax was sold to Soul Draw.

September 2009 The third edition of Asahimax's online platform used R & D (support for more languages and more user-friendly experience).

August 2009 Asahimax entered the International market.

May 2009 The second edition of Asahimax's online platform had been online tested. Leading to Online Real-Time Quotes and other Leading-Edge technologies, as they were developed and utilized in China.

December 2008 We launched our first standard online printing platform.

November 2008 The Xin Mei Printing Studio was redeveloped to Asahimax, Inc.

May 2007 With the growing number of employees, Xin Mei Printing Studio relocated to the city center of Shanghai.

September 2006 The Xin Mei Printing Studio opened in Shanghai Pudong.

in 2006 two college students participated in the social practice Photomax. From there, the embryonic form of Asahimax was born.

Ceramic Tile & Marble
Custom UV Inkjet Printing

This is an idea for create a impact sign for indoor or outdoor, directly print graphics onto Ceramic Tile or Marble, make your floor or wall more imaginative.

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