Payment Instructions

  1. We accept online payment of paypal ,or other online payment by bank cards of VISA MASTERCARD JCB, etc.
  2. If you are willing to use bank transfer or remittance payments to us, We will give you a minimum 5% up to 15% discount.
  3. WesternUnion is the fastest of the highest security payment,If you are willing to use Western Union or MoneyGram to pay us, we will give you a minimum of 8% up to 30% discount.

Offer Description

  1. Each new customer we will give some discount amount calculated in accordance with the actual orders .
  2. we will give a reference to existing customers which introduce new customers to transactions.
  3. For large orders, After examination, not only will give you discount, And the corresponding costs will be refunded to your account as a commission or re-consumption.

We only accept payment authorization, Any unilateral payment will be returned. Therefore, upon receipt of your payment before the bill or credentials. More can not listen to any authorized individuals or organizations beside Soul Draw.

Ceramic Tile & Marble
Custom UV Inkjet Printing

This is an idea for create a impact sign for indoor or outdoor, directly print graphics onto Ceramic Tile or Marble, make your floor or wall more imaginative.

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