Before Upload

Before upload to us, please make sure your original artwork files are all in correct. We need the files all in CMYK profile, 100% same ratio size.
We accept all Adobe files like .ai / .eps / .pdf / .pdf and etc. But for best compatibility, we suggest you convert your files to .Jpg or .Tiff file.
When you checked all files are correct, we suggest you compress the files to ZIP file, and make a list file like:
list.txt - content follows

  • print1.jpg / qty10 / 2ft x 8ft / 19oz vinyl / grommets / hemming
  • / qty25 / 25cm x 75cm / vinyl sticker / glossy lamination
  • otg.tiff / qty12 / 88" x 95" / PVC board / UV-flatbed printing
  • Upload to

    If your files size less than 25MB, please send by email to us.

    Please note, although our email box accept max. 25mb attachment emails, but as we know your email provider maybe only support 10mb, 20mb or 25mb. please make sure what size email you could send. if you do not sure, no problem, please go ahead...

    If your files size so big that can not send by email.

    Please upload to Dropbox and send download link to us.

    Reseller FTP Server

    We prepared FTP server in our process department, its best way for us directly get files. please contact us for open a FTP account for you. We also offer Japan and USA tunnel for fast FTP file transfer.

    Ceramic Tile & Marble
    Custom UV Inkjet Printing

    This is an idea for create a impact sign for indoor or outdoor, directly print graphics onto Ceramic Tile or Marble, make your floor or wall more imaginative.

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