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No matter where you are, we have only one turn away from you.

Since 2006, as a professional advertising printing manufacturer, SoulDraw has provided a large number of successful experiences to customers around the world. These customers are located all over the world, some live in major trading countries, and some live on remote islands.

All about international shipping:

All international orders will be handled via a shipping agent or UPU network.

In case we do not produce a product locally, it will be shipped from one of our own manufacturing facilities or from our partner. In all cases, product specs remain exactly the same.

You are responsible for import duties, customs clearance fees, etc. in your country or region, and you will also be responsible for any other additional local duties or taxes in your country or region.

SoulDraw will not be responsible for any delays caused by the shipping carrier or local authorities.

For the customer who pays with PayPal e-check, orders will be shipped after the payment is clear.

We accept payment in CNY and we are not responsible for any additional fees or charges by your bank or credit card company.

We follow the China holiday-schedule. Please add China holidays when calculating delivery dates.


Economy ParcelStandard ParcelStandard UPU ParcelPriority Parcel Service
Delivery EstimatesMajor area:
7~15 Business days
10~25 Business days
Major area:
3~7 Business days
7~12 Business days
Major area:
3~7 Business days
6~10 Business days
Major area:
2~4 Business days
3~5 Business days
NetworkEconomic logistics networkStandard air transport networkUniversal Postal UnionHigh priority rush network
Risks and complaints No Guarantees [#1] Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed
CustomsNormal [#2]Green channel + FormalGreen channel + FormalGreen channel Plus
FeaturesThe price is low, but the transit time is long, and there is a certain risk.Standard transportation network, reasonable price, acceptable transit time, and low risk.The entire UPU network has stable prices and services in any country.Although the price is higher, the delivery speed is extremely fast.

Remark #1: Economy parcels do not include insurance. If the parcel encounters any problems, including but not limited to: lost, damaged, missing, we do not accept any responsibility and do not accept any form of complaints and refunds.

Remark #2: The normal clearance channel does not work during holidays and there are delays during the peak season.